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What is happening to our lovely plane tree?

......It’s the focal point of our Garden but residents will remember that a huge branch was brought down in the flash storms of 23rd October & the tree has been cordoned off ever since, awaiting the attentions of the tree surgeons who are going to lop it back into shape. As we are in a Conservation Area the majority of the trees in the Garden are subject to preservation orders which meant that planning permission had to be sought. Fortunately Westminster Council -- which normally asks for a six-week notice period on all such applications -- kindly pushed this one through in record time, as a result of which work is due to begin tomorrow (Tues) & will hopefully finish by Friday. Meanwhile please continue to steer well clear of the tree as in recent weeks on safety grounds. It's hoped that the Christmas lights can be re-strung to function as before & it was certainly an encouraging omen when in accordance with tradition they were briefly illuminated at the end of the recent Bonfire Night celebrations!


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