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Residents of Maida Vale have much to gain from belonging to this society whose remit is to interface with Westminster Council and to act as a forum and a lobbying body on behalf of residents in Maida Vale for local issues.

In about 1980, the Church Commissioners decided to sell off-parts of the North Paddington Estate, which had belonged to the Church of England for over one hundred years.  The area they were abandoning was a lovely, unimproved haven of Victorian architecture, with communal gardens to give the residents the feeling of being in the country and having their own private space.

To continue to preserve some of this after they had sold freeholds in the area, the Commissioners drew up complex legal arrangements based on Rentcharge Deeds.  The holder of a Rentcharge has property rights over any and every freehold owner of property, which is the subject to that Rentcharge.  Specific rights and duties are spelt out in a Deed, and this forms a contract between the holder of the Rentcharge, the freeholders of the affected properties and, in this area, between those freeholders themselves.

Read a lovely blog post of our garden written by the organisers of the Open Garden Square Weekend.

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