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The Formosa Garden Masterplan

Our beautiful and tranquil communal garden that was created circa 1860 has gone through quite a few changes but nothing on the scale as our master scheme that after years of planning finally got approved by Westminster Council in 2016. View the plans in the link above.

We are now ready to start implementing it, together with our gardener Robert Player and Mark Lutyens, who designed the scheme. This is briefly what is going to happen:

  • The perimeter plane trees have for some time been pollarded every two years by necessity, and as a result are suffering long-term damage that will eventually result in their death. 

  • The first phase is the planting of some 45 trees with a couple of groves of silver birch together with some very interesting tree specimens.

  • This will be the first of two planting phases – more trees will be planted in three years’ time.  No trees will be felled in the first year of implementation, but from Year 2 a number of the plane trees will be felled each year in line with the master plan, starting with ones that have been identified as potentially hazardous by our tree condition expert, Paul MacQueen

Our master plan for the garden will take at least 30 years to complete and over time will result in a collection of trees that will be allowed to grow in their natural state without pollarding.  In addition, we will have a more diverse range of trees that will be more interesting and provide interest all year round.

If you have any comments on the progress of implementing the garden plan, please email info@wb19.co.uk.