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Have your say over resident parking charges

Bad new for local motorists -- Westminster City Council are proposing to increase charges for residents' parking permits (along with the charge for pay-to-park casual kerbside parking). They say the aim is four-fold: to reduce air pollution in Westminster as part of its ambition to meet its net zero emissions target by 2040; to introduce a fairer & more proportionate system whereby vehicles are charged in accordance with the level of emissions they produce; to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles & the different range of hybrid vehicles; & to bring Westminster into line with many neighbouring boroughs who have already implemented emissions-based charging.

The intention is to bring in the new charging structure from 1st April but the plans have already provoked a backlash, with one resident pointing out that Westminster's air quality has in fact been improving steadily over the past eight years & also that an internal Cabinet report reveals that the changes will bring in £6.24m a year in extra reveneue, a fact not mentioned in the explantory email that went out to all resident permit-holders. This, she says, is yet another tax on the motorist who is being used by the Council as a "cash-cow to subsidise its inefficiencies".

To find out how the changes stand to affect you go to, which sets out banded charges based on vehicles' individual tailpipe emission levels of carbon dioxide.

The proposals are currently out for consultation until 14th February & Westminster "would greatly encourage" residents' participation, so you can make your views known -- possibly with both barrels -- on the same website.

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