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Dogs to be given greater freedom of the Garden

We already know that Formosa is the most desirable residential garden for pet-owners in the whole of Little Venice because it alone permits dogs to be exercised off the leash between the hours of daybreak & 10 a.m. Now the Board have agreed to a further relaxation of the rules in response to requests from several dog-owners: for a trial period dogs can now remain off the leash for a further half-hour until 10.30 am, subject to the usual caveats that owners must pick up after them & ensure that their behaviour doesn't cause nuisance or upset to other users of the garden, particularly small children.

One dog who's been happy to take advantage of the new freedoms is young Oz, who is a familiar figure in the Garden along with his owner, Board Chairman Sandy David.

The trial period runs to the end of February, after which the situation will be reviewed.


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