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The Garden

Our garden is for the use and enjoyment of all residents - parents, children, dog owners and their dogs, sunbathers, joggers and many more.  We also run events from time to time, most notably the Summer Party and the annual firework display.  In managing and developing the garden the Board seeks to strike a reasonable balance between the interests and views of the community as a whole and not give undue weight to the position of a small minority.  On the whole we feel that we get this balance about right, seeking to manage with a light regulatory touch with the consent and support of the majority of residents.

This section provides details of all matters relating to the management and development of the garden.  In particular, it contains details of the garden masterplan that was approved by Westminster City Council in 2016 and is now well into implementation.  This plan will take at least 30 years to execute, and has set an example to other communal gardens on how to resolve the difficult conflict between the desirable retention of some large trees and the impact of trees on the buildings surrounding the garden.

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