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Be sure to stay on the alert

Sad to say there has been something of an upsurge in criminal & anti-social activity in the area recently so residents need to be on their guard, with people using their phones as they walk along proving particularly vulnerable. I was standing at the bus stop outside Tesco's on Clifton Road the other day when a girl became vey distressed after her phone was snatched by a guy on an electric bike who made off at speed with no chance of being caught..

There have also been reports of a man loitering along Castellain Road checking doorways & peering down into basements, presumably on the look-out for parcels which unfortunately all too often seem to be abandoned outside buildings when no-one is at home.

Last but not least a key box was smashed outside a flat in Castellain Road recently & the man who gained entry made off with an iPhone & iPad. Elsewhere a key safe was removed in its entirety which meant that the front door lock to the building had to be changed.

So -- eternal vigilance seems to be the watchword unfortunately!


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