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Residents are welcome to exercise their dogs in the garden on the lead providing they are registered with the Formosa Garden. Please supervise them at all times and keep them on leads.  From daybreak to 10am, dogs may be let off the lead.


  • Dogs (including puppies) belonging to residents may be permitted to use the Garden provided they have first been registered using the form below.

  • Registration is free but mandatory.

  • Registered dogs (including puppies) must always be accompanied by their owner or another member of the owner's family aged 10 years or older. They must be kept under proper control at all times in a manner commensurate with the age, size and breed of dog. 

  • Registered dogs are allowed off the lead from daybreak until 10am but must be kept on the lead at all other times.

  • It is the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their dog and responsibly dispose of the mess by taking it out of the Garden.

  • Dog owners or handlers should do their utmost to ensure that barking does not disturb the peace of the Garden and dogs should not be left alone on private terraces.

  • Dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act will not be allowed access to the Garden.

Register your dog

To complete your registration please email a photograph of your dog to

Withhold dog image from the gallery in the Residents section of the site?  (please answer yes or no)

To complete your registration please email a photograph of your dog to

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