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As we all know the Formosa Garden is a great place for dogs & many dog-owners apparently choose to buy property on the three surrounding streets for this very reason. Some other private gardens don’t allow dogs in the garden at all & none that we know of offer the additional concession that they can be exercised off the leash from daybreak to 10 am.



The pandemic has brought about a marked increase in the number of dogs in the garden and we are asking all owners to re-register their animals on the Formosa website by Sept 1 2021 as our records have got a little out-of-date. We are also proposing to open a closed Facebook page for all Formosa dogs.


Sad to say however the increase in the number of dogs has also seen a big rise  in anti-social behaviour on the part of certain owners.  The biggest issue is their failure to pick up their dogs’ excrement. This has always been a non-negotiable  requirement -- not only is dog poo unsightly & smelly but in the event of accidental transmission to humans it can lead to some dangerous health conditions, for children in particular. 


Less serious but with the capacity to be extremely irritating is the persistent  barking that can be heard from certain dogs who often appear to be left out on their owners’ patio or in their private garden. The Formosa rules stress the need to refrain from any activity that could impinge on the peaceful enjoyment of the garden by others, & barking dogs certainly come into that category!


Most dog-owners on the Garden are & have always been responsible & public-spirited & it’s possible that these latest lapses can be laid at the door of newbie dog-owners less familiar with the etiquette. But whatever the cause the



consequence has been to create major upset and annoyance, with residents raising their concerns both at the recent AGM and informally to Board members. As a result the Board intends to toughen up its approach to offenders: any owner found not to be picking up after their dog &/or/ leaving it to bark unattended on a patio or in a private garden will be fined & for repeat offences their dog banned from the garden for a length of time ranging from a period of weeks to a permanent exclusion. 


If the problems persist regardless we may have to think in terms of banning all dogs from the garden completely which would be a disaster for the law-abiding dog-owners who make up the vast majority. So please will the offenders -- & they know who they are – start acting responsibly to keep that Armageddon scenario at bay.