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Meet your neighbours ..

This area of the Formosa website is for events and activities organised by residents.  Its purpose is to develop the community around the garden by connecting those with similar interests and creating an environment where we can share useful information.  Examples include information about local contractors, changes to the neighbourhood, help we might need and support which is available.  We are also exploring the idea of a film night & a camping sleep-over for children during the light summer months.  If you want to contribute to the development of this resource, please email one of our Residents' events

Formosa Everyman Cinema Club

Fancy a night at the movies - and a chance to discuss your selection with local movie buffs?

Our Club has a WhatsApp group where we agree our selection at The Everyman Maida Vale the week following.  The most popular selection will be published here so that you can reserve your seat for the film.

Formosa residents meet in the bar beforehand for a drink and a chin wag - come along and join us.

This event is co-ordinated by Helen Burrluck - to join the poll mailing list please click the button below.

When we started the plan was to go the 1st Weds of the month for the 2-for-1 offer in The Times.  However now the group is established some of us are members so Mondays are popular as members can take a friend for free bringing the price down to £7 per ticket.

Photo right from Barbie, one of our August choices.  


Formosa Garden Babies & Toddlers 

A WhatsApp group has been formed to connect parents & carers of babies and toddlers living on the garden.

Please feel free to join for friendly chat and playdate information.

The group also exchange details of local playgroups and events.  It is currently managed by Alison Lea (with help from Little Lara - pictured right).  To join, click on the link below to email Alison.

Their last playdate was 25th May - details of the next will be posted in the WhatsApp group. 


Formosa Book Club

There was considerable interest in joining our Book Club.  Over a couple of drinks it was agreed that we would meet in the early evening on a Tuesday roughly every six weeks, & our first formal meeting was on Tuesday 11th April 2023.  We divided ourselves into 2 groups of 8 based on a simple split by alphabetic order of surname.  

After successful inaugural meetings the next dates will be as follows.  We meet at 18.00 in the home of a group member.

Group A-L : Cultish - The Language of Fanaticism by Amanda Montell..  Meeting Tuesday 30th January 2024 at 18.00.

Group M-Z : Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf.  Meeting Tuesday 9th January 2024 at 18.00.

Please let Viv know if you would be interested in joining the group by emailing her using the link below.  


Glorious Glyndebourne

Opera lover & Glyndebourne Associate Member Susan Wright is keen to connect with other Formosa residents who enjoy the art and would like to visit the Festival each summer.  The 2023 season is now over - however the productions for 2024 have been announced.  Dates will be agreed in February 2024 - please contact Susan by email if you are interested in participating.

  • Carmen : Bizet - new production

  • The Merry Widow : Lehar - new production

  • Die Zauberflote : Mozart

  • Guilio Ceasare : Handel

  • Tristan und Isolde : Wagner

Male Performer on Stage

Calling all Card Sharks!

Are you a card expert?  A demon bridge player or a whizz at backgammon?

Susanne Labett is keen to partner with a local resident to create an evening of cards and conversation - and to improve her skills in these areas.

If you have expertise you are willing to share and would like to take part in a regular card event please let Susanne know.  Time of day is flexible and can be chosen to suit the majority.

Please contact Susanne from the button below to arrange a discussion about what we can create together.

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