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Do we really want to see this in our lovely Garden?

...yes, it really is what looks like the entire contents of a rice casserole, or similar, on the grass near the Med Bed on the Sutherland Avenue side of the Garden. Nor is it the only food that has been dumped in the Garden of recent weeks -- two bags of wholemeal were found scattered next to the flower bed near the junction of Sutherland & Castellain road & it seems dog food is being left daily in the Med Bed.

This is presumably a misguided attempt by someone to feed local foxes & other animals. But not only is it very unsightly, it also risks attracting vermin & is a potential hazard for for the many domestic animals living on the Garden.

Would whoever is responsible cease this destructive behaviour immediately, & if anyone has any information about who the culprit might be would they please email Westbourne Management at in strictest confidence.


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