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Count-down to the Fireworks

Yes...less than 24 hour to go to the social event of the Autumn! Here’s just a reminder of timings & a few do’s & don’ts:

The bonfire will be lit at 6 pm, before which the mound will be cordoned off. The large triangular fireworks display area will also be cordoned off from 2 pm tomorrow & residents are being asked to stay clear of both.

The Castellain Road gate will be shut at 6.50 pm & the fireworks will start at 7. We understand that, as in previous years, the Crescent display will follow ours at 7.30 pm.

Please would all households on the Castellain, Warrington & Sutherland roads with a view over the Garden close their windows & patio doors by 6.30 pm. In previous years the fireworks company have refused to start the display for security reasons until that has been done.

Only guests accompanied by key-holders will be allowed in & out of the main gate so please ensure you are there to meet any guests you may have invited to the event.

And the Garden rules do apply as normal – specifically no personal fireworks, glassware or pets (who are frequently spooked by the fireworks anyway & should be kept securely indoors).

All that remains enjoy it!


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