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Residents vocal at Formosa AGM

Four members of the Board & 18 residents were in attendance when the AGM convened at St Saviour's School on July 2nd. The draft accounts (which can be accessed the Formosa Website) were presented by Peter Neilsen who has responsibility for financial & budgetary affairs. The meeting also heard from Jan of Gravitas who said the Board were taking a more hands-off approach to the Garden from now on & he had various ideas for its improvement, including more effective means of waste disposal. The new herb bed was now up & running & there was general agreement that the Garden was looking lovely. Jan commented poetically that for Gravitas it was not just a job: "We are in charge of people's happiness." Residents weighed in with ideas for other features they would like to see, among them a pond & additional bird-feeders, but the only one that commanded universal support was the suggestion of a bee hive.

There was some debate about parties in the Garden, the rules for these having been slightly relaxed as outlined in the Spring Newsletter, & there was a general recognition that a balance needed to be struck between party-goers' enjoyment & the rights of neighbours to reasonable peace & quiet.

The most lively discussion concerned the Garden Master-Plan & the recent tree-felling episode, which has been extensively covered both here & the Newsletter. Peter Neilsen said we had yet to pay the bill for our contractors the Tree Agency, who had cut down the three trees ahead of planning permission being granted, & we were entirely free to choose a different company next year. In response to questioning Board member Marc Scrimshire disclosed that it was the now-ex-Chairman Sandy David who had ear-marked these particular trees for felling & this had been a unilateral decision which as the Minutes showed had not been discussed at the appropriate Board meeting. Marc said new rules were now being drawn up that members would need to sign up to, spelling out Directors' responsibilities & the need to work together harmoniously.

Co-Chairman of the meeting Peter Cross said the Board felt the time had come to re-assess the Masterplan setting out a 50-year timetable for the gradual removal of trees to see whether it now needed modification. Assistance would be sought from expert advisers & the results would be shared with residents.

A vote of thanks was given to the Board & the meeting ended after two hours -- twice its scheduled length!



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