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Formosa's Star Bakers revealed

The Formosa Bake Off celebrated the spirit of teamwork with spectacular entries from talented bakers across two categories. Sisters Nancy and Florence clinched the victory in the junior category, while friends Alice and Lottie emerged triumphant in the senior category.

Junior Category Winners: Nancy and Florence captivated the judges with their delicious carrot cake muffins, extravagantly decorated with intricate sugar figures and carrot cut-outs. Their exceptional teamwork and creativity earned them the coveted Star Baker spoon and a Junior Masterchef cookbook as their prize.

Senior Category Winners: Alice and Lottie impressed with a beautifully crafted strawberry gateaux. The cake was elegantly adorned with a subtle cream, colored sprinkles, and fresh strawberries, showcasing their baking prowess. Their outstanding creation won them a Great British Bake Off cookbook and a Formosa Master Baker apron.

Runners-up in both categories were awarded themed spoons or aprons, acknowledging their commendable efforts and contributions to the event.

The judges faced a delightful challenge, given the high standard of entries and the irresistible temptation of second helpings. Despite the tough decisions, the competition celebrated the skill and creativity of all participants.

In a heartwarming gesture, many competitors donated their entries, contributing to a fundraising effort that raised £38 for the local charity, Neighbourcare.

The Formosa Bake Off highlighted the joy of baking, the power of collaboration, and the generosity of the community. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for making the event a resounding success!


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