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A New Look for our Benches & Paths

Residents may have noticed that the areas beneath the benches around the garden and the path through the large Mediterranean bed are in need of a little TLC, with parts having been worn away & others reverting to mud. Well work to give them a new lease of life is in hand & due to begin on July 25th (deliberately timed to take place after all our Summer festivities).

The areas under each of the benches will be covered in cobble sets like the one pictured below (only minus the weeds - -well this is the Crescent garden!) and the path through the Med bed will be filled with herringbone pattern old- style bricks. The benches themselves will all be re-furbished.

There will be some constraints on residents’ use of certain parts of the garden for a few weeks on account of the amount of building material involved but our excellent gardeners, Gravitas, will do their best to keep this to a minimum and get the works completed as quickly as possible.


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