These are undoubtedly dark days, but we are luckier than many because we have our glorious garden as a solace & a refuge. Unfortunately, in light of the new measures announced by Boris Johnson on March 23 there need to be a few added restrictions on its use:


Gatherings of more than two people are no longer allowed (excluding the people you live with) & obviously parties & any other social events are out until further notice.



Some of us will also want to do our one exercise session a day in the garden but please observe the social distancing rules – i.e. keeping two metres or six foot apart.  We are also asking anyone who is walking or jogging round the garden to move in a clockwise direction to minimise the chances of – literally – bumping into others. It would also help if the garden could be kept clear of any toys for the next few weeks.


Lastly we would ask everyone to look out for any fellow residents who may be feeling lonely or isolated. If you find yourself in that position please do let our Managing Agents know and we can see if there are ways to help. If people have the time & want to volunteer to do this then they can post a note on our website. 


There may be other changes that the Board will need to introduce if the circumstances change still further but meanwhile the hope is that by observing government guidelines while still making the best use of this wonderful asset, we can remain for the most part safe & well.

Welcome to the Formosa Garden.

Since the 1860s, the Formosa Garden has provided a tranquil retreat from the pressures of the city for several hundred West London residents and their families.

The Garden has undergone many changes in that time but has always remained a focal point and source of great pleasure and enjoyment for the many residents whose homes surround it. 

This website has been created as a source of information and a community hub. Besides the rules governing our garden and other useful information, such as Neighbourhood Watch, there are regular listings of upcoming events, important news and notices, and you will also notice a photo gallery, which we will try to keep updated as the garden develops.

We hope you will benefit from this website and if you have any feedback, please get in touch with us via our managing agents.

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