The Formosa Garden Rules

If you’ve lived in the Garden for a while, then you’ll be familiar with the few simple rules that have been created to make sure everyone has their chance to enjoy the relaxation and tranquillity that the Garden can offer.  If you’re new to the Garden, then this list should be self-explanatory. 

Its purpose is simple – let’s respect each other’s right to enjoy the garden in peace.

The following Conditions for the use of Formosa Gardens were agreed by Formosa Amenity Limited on 14th January 2020.


The Garden is owned by Formosa Amenity Limited. The Garden is intended for use as  an Ornamental Pleasure Garden. All residents must respect the right of others to peacefully enjoy the Garden. It is the policy of Formosa Amenity Limited to manage with a light hand and the minimum number of regulations, depending on the good sense, consideration, and neighbourly sensitivity of the residents.


The following basic rules have been set out to preserve the Garden as a secure and safe environment and will be enforced at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Formosa Amenity Limited. The Board have the right to fine individuals for any breaches of the garden rules, guidelines or damage caused.


  • If a key holder invites guests into the garden, that key holder is responsible for their behaviour at all times. This includes children of all ages.

  • For security reasons, the Garden gates must be kept closed at all times. Residents, guests or contractors found propping open the gate and/or damaging the motor will be fined up to £2000, at the absolute discretion of the Board.

  • Keys for the Garden are available from Westbourne Block Management. There is a deposit of £50 per key fob, which is refunded when the key fob is returned.  Deposits not collected within 1 year will be retained.  Key fobs are regularly renewed for security purposes for which there is no charge. Up to 2 key fobs can be purchased per property at a cost of £50 each.


  • Ball games are only permitted for children under the age of ten providing it does not disturb others. Remote controlled toys, roller skates etc. and drones are forbidden.

  • Please do not allow children to climb the trees, pick the flowers or play in the beds or with garden equipment such as hoses. Children must not be left unsupervised in the garden.

  • Barbeques and other cooking equipment are prohibited. Users of the garden shall be responsible for removing any rubbish or other item. Personal items such as paddling pools and bicycles must be removed.

  • Residents must ensure that at all times noise is kept at a level which does not cause disturbance to other users of the Garden. This includes loud music, games or noisy animals particularly after 8pm.

  • Commercial activities including professional dog-walkers, personal trainers, and exercise classes are not permitted.

  • With the exception of official fireworks organised for the annual display, fireworks, even in private gardens, are strictly forbidden.

  • No resident may dry laundry outdoors.

  • Parties involving over 10 people (residents or guests) must have prior permission from Formosa Amenity. Applications should be submitted to the Managing Agent.  Agreement must be made with immediate neighbours.  All parties must end by 8pm.  No glassware, tables or garden furniture is allowed.


  • Dogs (including puppies) belonging to residents of the Formosa Garden may be permitted to use the garden provided they have first been registered on the 'register your dog' page.

  • Registration is free but mandatory.

  • Registered dogs (including puppies) must always be accompanied by their owner or another member of the owner's family aged 10 years or older and be kept under proper control at all times in a manner commensurate with the age, size and breed of dog. 

  • Registered dogs are permitted to use the Garden and are allowed off the lead from daybreak until 10am.

  • It is the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their dog and responsibly dispose of the mess by taking it out of the Garden.

  • Dog owners or handlers should do their utmost to ensure that barking does not disturb the peace of the Garden and dogs should not be left alone on private terraces.

  • Dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act will not be allowed access to the Garden.


  • Any external alteration of any kind will need prior permission from the Directors of Formosa Amenity Ltd. Applications should be submitted to the Managing Agent. Rules and guidelines for altering your property can be found here. Contractors must register with the Managing Agents to enter the Garden and will be required to pay a security deposit. No vehicles are allowed into the Garden other than those belonging to contractors employed by Formosa Amenity. 

  • No scaffolding may be erected or dismantled over weekends and building work which will create any disturbance must only be carried out between 8am and 6pm during the week and 8am and 1pm on Saturdays. No work is permitted on Sundays. 

  • A copy of the regulations for tradesmen can be downloaded here. Owners and tenants must ensure that tradesmen you engage receive a copy of these regulations and have read the and adhere to them. 


  • Key fobs are granted by licence only to authorised freeholders, leaseholders and their tenants. Licensees will be held responsible for the actions of anyone they allow into the garden.

  • Guests must be supervised at all times. Residents or Guests found leaving the garden gate open and/or unattended will be fined £50. Key fobs must not be transferred or loaned to others including contractors.

  • Freeholders should note that it is their responsibility to ensure that all tenants have read and abide by the garden rules at all times. Any breaches of these rules will be directed to the relevant Freeholder. 

  • Owners of leasehold property on the Formosa Estate are reminded that short-term letting your property for less than 90 consecutive nights and where the cumulative total of all short-term lets of your property exceed 90 nights in the same calendar year (i.e. 1 January to 31 December), you will need planning permission, without which you are causing a breach of planning control and could face a fine of up to £20,000 should you be found guilty of not complying with an enforcement notice requiring cessation of such a use.



The breach of any of these rules may result in a penalty, the nature and extent of which will be determined by Formosa Amenity. In addition, all owners of property adjoining the Gardens when purchasing their property committed to abide by the terms of the Rentcharge Deed.