Altering your property

Any proposal to alter the external appearance of a house must have written permission from the Formosa Amenity Board. This includes any proposals to make developments that require planning permission as well as minor developments that do not require planning permission. Even if a householder has planning permission from Westminster Council, no alterations may be undertaken without the explicit written permission of the Formosa Board, and if carried out without permission, the Amenity Company can force it to be undone.

Rules and guidelines for altering your property can be found here. The key points are: 

•    Any external alteration of any kind will need prior permission from the Directors of Formosa Amenity Ltd.  Applications should be submitted to Westbourne Block Management.

•    Contractors must register with the Managing Agents to enter the Garden, and will be required to pay a security deposit.  No vehicles are allowed into the Garden other than those belonging to contractors employed by Formosa Amenity.

•    No scaffolding may be erected or dismantled over weekends and building work which will create any disturbance must only be carried out between 8am and 6pm during the week and 8am and 1pm on Saturdays. 

•    No work is permitted on Sundays.

A copy of the regulations for tradesmen can be downloaded from the Formosa Amenity website here.  Owners and tenants must ensure that tradesmen they engage receive a copy of these regulations and have read them and adhere to them.