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 It may not be the light at the end of the tunnel....


...but it should bring a bit of cheer to the garden in the run-up to Christmas & beyond. The tree lights are to be switched on on November 26th –Thanksgiving Day as it happens, though that moniker might ring a little hollow in 2020. But we did think it was worth doing the switch-on a bit earlier this year to try to summon up some festive spirit at what is certain to be a difficult time. The lights will come on at 5 pm nightly until the end of January & stay on until 11 pm. 


Talking of lights....

Although a scaled-down affair this year because of Covid restrictions the Firework display on November 4th (pic above) was generally very well-received by Formosa residents, & returning home in the middle of it one Board member found people watching it from nearby streets & cheering at the conclusion, so it obviously did its job of raising morale, if only briefly. Then on November 7th many of us were lucky enough to experience it all over again, admittedly at a slight remove, when next-door Crescent Gardens staged their own display.


2020 may have been something of a damp squib....


...but some good stuff is coming down the track in 2021 with any luck. Work is continuing on improving the garden, tho’ many of us are agreed I think that it’s looking the best it’s ever been. The perimeter path is to be re-gravelled & while six more trees are due to be removed under the five-year Master Plan it will be a case of pollarding only for the three years that follow. We’re hoping that Shakespeare in the Squares, which was v well-received for its inaugural -- &, as it turns out, only – outing , will pay a return visit, & there’s a suggestion too that we might  stage a movie night six or seven times a year if there’s any appetite for that. Do let Board members know if you manage to beard them in the garden, or email me on on that or anything else you would like to see included in the Newsletter.


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