We are currently back in lockdown because of the exponential rise in the number of Covid infections, most of them apparently caused by two new mutant strains with a much greater rate of transmission.

The central message of the revised government guidelines is to stay at home unless you have a reasonable excuse*. You cannot meet other people indoors unless you live with them or they are part of your support bubble. Outdoors you can meet only one person from another household – say for the purpose of exercise, and never too far from your home  -- and then only in a public space such as a park and not a private garden. You should continue to socially distance by remaining at least two metres apart or where that is not possible one metre apart with the added precaution of a face covering.

To help enforce this distancing rule in the Formosa Garden we have requested that walkers and joggers using the pathways go in a clockwise direction to reduce the possibility of contact. Joggers approaching walkers should overtake them by using the garden turf to ensure a two-metre wide gap. All children under the age of six must be accompanied by at least one parent to ensure the distancing rule is observed.

*A reasonable excuse for leaving your home includes, but is not restricted to, going to work or buying essentials such as food or medicines, taking children to school and attending places of worship, weddings or funerals.

For the full list and to keep abreast of any changes in what is bound to remain a fast-moving situation please go to www.gov.uk/coronavirus.


January 2021